UV Bracelet Is Not A Sun Protection Method

Researchers in Melbourne have developed a UV-active ink that changes colour when exposed to UV rays.  This can be printed and worn as a wristband, alerting the wearer when UV levels are too high.

While this might be useful in some situations, the UV indicator bracelet is not a sun prevention method and does not replace the use of sunscreen.

Mike Kernaghan, Chief Executive of Cancer Society NZ, says that NZ has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.  91,000 new skin cancers are diagnosed each year. Kernaghan says the efficacy of the new UV-indicator bracelet is yet to be proven.  It needs continual monitoring and “people with fair skin can be sunburnt within 15 minutes of being exposed to UV”.

Another recent study shows that significant sun damage can be sustained even when the UV level is less than 3.

Our advice is to wear sunscreen every day.  That’s right – every single day.

When you are outdoors for extended periods, it’s essential you reapply your sunscreen every 2 hours.



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