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Welcome to our Good Science section.  This is where you will find real, honest skin health science to help you make the best choices for your skincare and sun protection.  Not all science is equal, and our dermatology nurse, Susan, reads all the fine print to ensure we’re sharing the most up-to-date, peer-reviewed, evidence-based research and steering well clear of some of the more outrageous pseudo-scientific claims out there.

When we share a published study with you, we’ll note the title and the authors and how to find it online so you can read it for yourself.  Susan will summarise the study and explain any tricky terms and highlight the key points.

“As a nurse, I’ve been taught to always follow evidence-based practice" says Susan, "yet there is an overwhelming amount of quackery and made-up-stuff in the world of cosmetics that has about as much to do with science as a fish has to do with fashion.  If you love reading, I highly recommend this book:  Bad Science, by Ben Goldacre.  It’s a very amusing and insightful exploration into the realms of pseudoscience that dominate advertising and media almost every day.”

We’d love your feedback so if there’s anything you don’t understand, something you don’t agree with, or something you’d like us to delve in to, please join in the conversation at the bottom of each post.  This way we can all have a robust discussion about what really matters when it comes to skin health, expose beauty myths, and make sensible ethical choice

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