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Staple Pantry Item The Next Big Thing In Beauty Circles

The humble tomato is bursting with benefits for health and our skin. Packed full of powerful antioxidants in the form of lycopene, they're set to be the next big thing in skin care.

Women In Australia Are Ageing Up To 20 Years Sooner Than Those In Northern Hemisphere

The harsh UV rays of the Southern Hemisphere lead to earlier, visible signs of ageing. But Oasis Beauty's Solar Serum® could help stop that sun damage in its tracks.

My Hobby Turned Into An Obsession

Oasis Beauty founder, Stephanie Evans, shares her story on Seven Sharp. Stephanie talks about how her hobby turned into a bit of an obsession and the challenges of growing a business.

The Basis Of Oasis

Oasis Beauty founder, Stephanie Evans, was inspired to make skin care products for her own sensitive skin. Here she shares skincare tips; business lessons and her philosophy with Verve readers.

A Homeless Pig And Skincare With A Social Conscience

Like many businesses, Oasis Beauty has been far from an overnight success. Here founder Stephanie Evans tells how she started creating natural skincare for her own problem skin and went on to create the Oasis Beauty skincare range.

Kiwi Woman Reveals How She Created A Global Business

After she left school at age 16, Ms Evans was encouraged to consider two options by her parents for her career: she could go into secretarial work, like her mother, or join the airforce, like her dad.