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Choosing The Right Moisturiser For You

One skincare product most of us have on our shelf is moisturiser. But when it comes to choosing one we're often bombarded with choice. So how do you decide which one is right for you?

The Ultimate Guide to Combination Skin

What does 'combination skin' really mean? And if you have combination skin what sort of skincare regime should you be following? Our Cosmetic Nurse, Susan has all the answers.

The Ultimate Guide to Dry Skin

Struggling with dry skin? Find out what can cause it and how can you can deal with it. Our cosmetic nurse brings you all the the tips you need to know.

The Ultimate Guide to Oily Skin

Oily skin can be a real problem for some of us. So why do you get it and how can you manage it? We give you the lowdown.

Eight Essential Tips for the Perfect Fake Tan

Baking in the sun is bad for the skin. The only way to get that golden glow safely is with fake tan. We give you the top tips to ensure the perfect sun kissed look with not an orange streak in sight.

Secrets From Oasis Cottage - Ways To Use Our Products

Many Oasis products are multi-purpose, so you can simplify your skincare regime and have more space in your bathroom cabinet. Here's a few of our top tips for making the most of your Oasis skincare.

Reading Labels: Alcohol

Occasionally we have a little drink at Oasis Cottage - some of us like wine and some like beer...because not all alcohol is created equal. And that's true when it comes to alcohol in skincare too. Here's what you need to know.

Five Things You Need to Know about Night Cream

When it's time to head to bed do we really need a special night cream? Can't we just slap on our usual day time moisturiser? We give you the lowdown on night creams.

Squeaky Clean Faces - Cleansing 101

Does cleansing really matter? Should we cleanse once or twice a day?  Will cleansing allow the skin to breathe?  Will cleansing make us look younger? If I don’t cleanse will I get acne? 

Sunscreen Myth Buster

Our resident skin guru Susan believes in straight talking. So when we saw a recent survey by Australia’s Cancer Council’s National Sun Protection that  gives all sorts of reasons why people don't wear sunscreen, well, we wanted to know what Susan thought about that.

How We Test Oasis Sunscreen

Sunscreen testing might not be mandatory in New Zealand, but you can be sure it's something we take seriously at Oasis. Here's how we get ours tested.

Avoid Summer Skin Overload - Here's How...

Summer skin care can be confusing – we know we should be putting on sunscreen everyday, but then what about moisturiser?  Do we put on that too?  Does it go on first?  Or after? And what about primer?