1o Things To Love About Aloe Vera Gel

10 Things To Love About Amazing Aloe

 Aloe Vera is one amazing plant. It's been used since ancient Egyptian times for all sorts of therapeutic stuff - from helping wounds to heal to soothing various skin issues. Rumour has it Cleopatra even used it in her beauty routine. 

One thing is for sure, aloe vera is a real multi-tasker. And it got us thinking about all the different ways we use our Organic Aloe Vera & Cucumber Skin Healing Gel here at Oasis Beauty. We wanted to share them with you, so if you've got a tube of the green stuff in your bathroom cabinet, here are some great ways to use it. 

  1. A natural make-up remover.  Massage a liberal amount of soothing aloe vera and cucumber gel into the face, gently smooth across the eye area, and rinse off well with warm water.
  2. As a shaving gel.  Apply liberally to clean dry skin before shaving with a blade.
  3. An eyebrow gel.  A tiny amount of aloe vera gel smoothed through the eyebrows will keep your eyebrows in perfect shape and tame any unruly hairs.
  4. A soothing balm after shaving, waxing, laser or microneedling.  Apply a thin layer immediately after treatment and massage in gently. 
  5. Even as a hair gel.  It's an organic, 100% natural hair gel.
  6. To soothe and calm acne breakouts.  Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin and massage in gently.  Use morning and night to calm redness and irritation.
  7. For instant relief and natural healing for mild burns and grazes
  8. For instant relief from insect bites and itchy skin
  9. As an instant facial skin rejuvenator mask.  For an instant pick-me-up, apply a generous layer of aloe vera and cucumber gel to the face and leave on for 10 minutes.
  10. And always for after-sun soothing relief!

And here's another cool idea...Freeze amazing aloe into ice-cube trays and pop out for an instant cold hit for after sun relief, chafing, grazes or minor burns! Alternatively, keep your aloe vera gel in the fridge during the warmer weather then it's always chilled and refreshing when you pop it on.

Have you tried amazing aloe? How do you use yours? Share your ideas with us in the comments below. 

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  • Posted by Donna counsell on

    i use it for sunburn just made my son buy some for his sunburnt neck area. Said its helping heaps

  • Posted by lynette mcconnell on

    i would use it for a face mask that would be amazing

  • Posted by Mandy on

    I use it as eye cream in the morning. No more tired eyes.

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