3 Easy Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

3 Easy Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summer skin care is easy to forget when you are out enjoying the warm weather, but here are 3 easy summer skin care tips for beautiful skin all summer long.

3 Summer Skin Care Tips from Oasis Beauty New ZealandSummer in New Zealand runs from December to February.  February is usually the hottest month which means, if you are a heat-seeker, then this is the best month of the year!  In all this enjoyment though, don’t neglect your summer skin care routine.  It only takes a few minutes and can make a world of difference to how you look and feel, especially in New Zealand where we have the strongest sunlight in the world.

Have you noticed any changes in your skin during summer?  Perhaps you are a bit more oily and shiny?  Enlarged pores?  Skin might be a bit bumpy, looked clogged and, well, just a bit average.

The products that you were using during autumn/winter/spring may not be quite right during hot weather.  And you should be doing things a little bit differently too.

Here’s 3 easy summer skin care tips that will help a lot.

Summer Skin Care Tip #1

Toning is most important during summer.  It minimises pores, clears away product build-up and ensures a bright healthy complexion.  You can spray them on but I prefer to apply mine on a cotton wool pad and wipe it over my face.  You get better results this way.  In saying that, the spray types are good to freshen up your makeup and also ideal for keeping skin hydrated while travelling.  Berry Skin Brightening Tonic is my favourite during summer because it's alcohol free and contains active fruit enzymes.

Summer Skin Care Tip #2

The moisturiser which did you proud during cooler months may not be doing the job you need it to do right now.  It is most likely too rich for your skin during hot weather.  You need excellent sun protection in New Zealand and you need a moisturiser a bit more lightweight in texture than usual and, under no circumstances, don’t compromise on the goodies your skin needs everyday like antioxidants and skin repair ingredients.

Look for a lightweight, non-greasy anti-ageing face moisturiser with SPF that helps reduce oily shine during the hot summer weather. Use it alone as your daily moisturiser if you like a natural look or as an SPF primer under your foundation or BB cream. Have a look at Knock Out SPF 25 Antibacterial or Apple a Day SPF 25 Brightening from the Oasis Beauty range and read the customer reviews to see which one is right for you.

Summer Skin Care Tip #3

If you don’t exfoliate, then summer is the time to get started.  If you do exfoliate, then increase the frequency but keep it super gentle.

You are probably spending more time outdoors which means sunscreen, sweat, excess oil production and makeup which all build up on the skin and make it dull.  If you want smooth, clear summer skin, exfoliate 3-4 times a week but be kind to your skin and don’t grind it into your face!  Very light circular motions is all you need and make sure you exfoliate your lips too so your lipstick or gloss looks the best it can.  I use Fruit Smoothie.

These 3 easy summer skin care tips will make a world of difference if you are struggling with keeping your skin looking good this summer.

And, don’t forget, heavy makeup is out in summer and BB cream is your best friend.  If you haven’t discovered the wonderful world of BB creams yet, now's the time to try. They can make you look fabulous every single day with very little effort.

If you have a summer skin care tip to share with our community, post a comment below as we would love to hear it. 

Enjoy the summer! 
Steph, Oasis Beauty Founder and Managing Director


  • Posted by Oasis Beauty Girls on

    Hi Kate,
    We would recommend to use Power Punch day moisturiser as that is more nourishing than Apple a Day. Or you could use a serum underneath.
    If you want to use Oasis Sun with a day moisturiser. I would recommend to pop on the moisturiser then wait 5-10 minutes before applying Oasis Sun.

  • Posted by Forever Flawless on

    Drink lots of water in summer, Water keeps skin cells hydrated and working fine so drink water to keep wrinkles away. Water plumps the skin cells up making them look less wrinkled. Also it flushes impurities and toxins out of the system keeping your face fresh and clean and thus aid in reducing the breakouts and acne

  • Posted by alankrita on

    true! toning is really very important .thankyou for sharing the information, but am always confused about using a bb or cc cream which one is better for oily skin? and can be applied daily?

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