The 3 Basic Steps Of A Good Skin Care Routine

The 3 Basic Steps Of A Good Skin Care Routine

The 3 Basic Steps to a Good Skin Care Routine

Follow this super simple 3-step routine twice a day for gorgeous skin in no time at all.

1. Cleanse

Cleansing removes makeup, grime and excess oil to help keep your skin looking clear and fresh. Regardless of how tired you might be, make sure you always remove your makeup before bed.

2. Tone

This is a step that's often overlooked but is one of our favourites! Berry Brightening Tonic helps to minimise pores and brighten your complexion all with the power of fruit. Perfect as a refreshing pick-me-up throughout the day, a spritz of toner will make your skin feel alive. 

Fact: Berry Brightening Tonic contains strawberry extract, which helps reduce redness and itching in sensitive skin. The acid in strawberries is also known to reduce the production of melanin - which means less sunspots and freckles. The high vitamin C content gently exfoliates the skin without the use of a physical exfoliant.

3. Moisturise 

Packed with anti-ageing vitamins and active naturals to lighten and brighten your skin, Oasis Beauty day moisturisers also have an added SPF to help your skin be protected from the sun, while Beauty Sleep contains powerhouse anti-ageing and repair ingredients to give you the softest skin ever.

Tip: For an extra skin boost, layer a serum underneath first - they contain potent vitamin C and retinol (vitamin A) to repair the deepest layers of the skin. 


If you need guidance on which products are right for your skin and how to use then, feel free to Get In Touch with us anytime.  We have a registered dermatological nurse on our staff who can provide you with free unbiased professional advice.









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  • Posted by Marion Barker on

    I have been using Apple a day and really like it. What bothers me is how much I have left in the container. I am the sort of person that likes to scrape the last vestige out of any container. How do I do it with such a arrow neck on the bottle? Is it put in a larger container that I could buy?

  • Posted by Oasis Beauty Girls on

    Sorry Marion there isn’t a larger bottle BUT keep an eye out in the new year as we are currently getting new packaging that will make it easier for you to get every last bit out.

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