Brilliant Bees! Honey In Oasis Products

Brilliant Bees! Honey In Oasis Products

Bees are amazing creatures - hard-working, smart and with their own special way to communicate – ‘the waggle dance’.  The wonderfully named ‘waggle dance’ is, well, a waggling movement bees make with their abdomen.  It tells their hive mates where they have found good foraging areas. 

And, of course, bees make honey which apart from being totally delicious also has wonderful antibacterial and healing properties – which is why we like to use it in some of our products, like our skin saviour Rhino Repair and our all over body moisturiser, The Hydrator.

But not all honey is created equal.  Industrially produced honey, often from overseas, can be a minefield for ethical shoppers.  As can ingredients like bee venom which is extracted from bees by giving them electric shocks.

Bees are Brilliant in Oasis Beauty Products

Here at Oasis we always keep ethics, sustainability and animal welfare at the top of our minds when we’re sourcing ingredients.  So, we use only honey in our products, no other bee related ingredients and we know exactly where our honey comes from. 

We source our honey from local suppliers, Oxford Apiaries, who have been keeping bees for years.  They have hundreds of hives scattered through the beautiful black beech forests and rolling foothills of the local area.  The result is a manuka blend of unique honeydew honey and a small amount of manuka.  This is what we use in our some of our products.

If you want to help your local bees this summer, get out in the garden or on the deck and plant some lavender, rosemary and wildflowers.  And if you must spray for pests, look for a ‘bee-friendly’ pest spray at your local garden store and don’t spray in the day time whilst bees are buzzing about.



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