Christmas Gift Guide!

Christmas Gift Guide!

There are some Christmas shoppers who have everything wrapped and labelled by the 30th June. We all know one.  But for the rest of us November is a good time to start thinking about the Christmas list.

So we've got gift suggestions for everyone from the grumpy grandad to the glamorous niece. And you can shop for all of them online - whilst wearing pyjamas and drinking wine! We'll deliver them to your door. 

1. The Luxury Lover:  Beauty Sleep, Solar Serum and Solar Serum Eye Cream are the ultimate luxurious treatment combo. You can bundle them together as a package or give one individual item - depending on how much you want to spend. And if you really want all three, buy them as a package and save $22

3 in shampoo and bubble bath and body wash

2. The Littlies: Make bath time fun again with A Bit Of Bubbly - gorgeous jellybean bubbles that last for ages. We made this for littlies but much like milk bottle lollies...plenty of adults love it too.

3. The Tough Guy: Why do men think they don't need moisturiser when often they really do? Well try wrapping up a big, manly tube of The Hydrator for the dry skinned, tough guy in your life - with a name like this you might just persuade them that moisturiser isn't just for the girls. 

4. The Makeup Lover:  There are people that always wear make up but still put their foundation on with their hands. Really. Change their lives with the gift of the Blending Brush. Okay, it's not lotto win life changing - but it's 'wow why didn't I try this years ago' life changing. 

5. The Skincare Junkie: We all know someone who just loves trying new skincare products. And for them we have the innovative Super Fruit Skin Brightening Facial Tonic - formulated to get skin glowing; provide a cooling spritz; keep makeup fresh and protect and repair skin damaged by UV exposure.  It's packed with cutting edge natural ingredients to nourish the skin like Australian wild berries and Kakadu Plum Extract. 

rhino repair christmas gift

6. The Gardening Addict: Everyone loves Rhino Repair - it's got a million different uses.  Well, okay, maybe not a million. But a lot, really a lot. It's super versatile - it's a hand cream; a healing cream; a lip balm; a moisturiser; a night cream. Some customers have even used it as a hair conditioner. And it's really, really good for keeping those gardening hands super soft!

7. Everyone: Yep, that's right, we've got the perfect gift for everyone. And it is...sunscreen. Sun protection is the gift of skin health, so pick a sunscreen, wrap it up and pop it under the tree for that special person. 


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