top tips for perfect fake tan

7 Tips for the Perfect Fake Tan

We're not going to get all preachy with you, but you know that baking in the sun is bad for you right? If you start seeing signs of a tan - that's actually sun damage.

But even so, many of us still want that golden glow. Whatever the reasons (and Google has plenty of thoughts on the psychology of suntans)  - the only safe tan is a fake tan. So if you want to look sun-kissed, grab our Super Tan and start faking it like a pro with our tips. 

1. First up, plan ahead. Get any hair removal/laser or waxing done at least 48 hours or so before you apply fake tan. This gives your skin a chance to calm down and ensures a smooth surface to apply Super Tan.

 2. Shower before you apply so that you’re putting Super Tan onto clean skin.

3. Moisturise dry areas. This will vary from person to person, but typically areas like knees and elbows have thicker, tougher skin and a little moisturiser can help avoid any darker staining in these areas.

4. Spread Super Tan evenly over your skin, particularly along legs and arms. If you prefer you can use latex gloves, but we usually just use bare hands as they allow you to be a bit more delicate. 

5. Take extra care on the face area making sure you blend up around the neck, bridge of the nose and hairline. 

6. After applying to face run the corner of a clean, dry face cloth along the eyebrows to just to pick up any residue and also double-check for any small areas that you might have missed.

7. If you get Super Tan on your hands make sure you give them a good wash after application. Nothing says fake tan like golden palms.

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