Five Products You Need In The Bathroom Cabinet

Five Products You Need In The Bathroom Cabinet

We bring you a round up of the products you need in your bathroom cabinet for all the family. Whether it's nappy rash, itchy bites or dry hands these products are all gentle on the skin and super versatile. So get stocked up!

A Bit of Bubbly: This gentle bubble bath is completely free of Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) which means it's suitable for even ultra sensitive skin. With long-lasting jellybean smelling bubbles - it not only brings the fun back to bath time but it can also be used as a shampoo and body wash. 

After a few years of plain water baths for my wee boy with mild eczema its been great to find a product that hasn't made it any worse. We grab a whisk and whip up the water and he loves all the bubbles. Rachael H

Aloe Vera & Organic Cucumber Healing Gel: With a 100% natural formulation this will soothe sunburn or grazes but it can also work as a hair gel, aftershave and even to calm skin after cosmetic treatments like micro-needling. It's a miracle multi-tasker.  

Wow - everyone in our house loves it! Feels “delicious” (!!) and truly works to calm and repair skin. I’ll have to buy another now that my 20 year old has stolen mine! Along with “Rhino Repair” I would totally recommend as an essential for every home!! Joanne W

Rhino Repair: Twelve awesome natural ingredients make up this powerful anti-inflammatory cream including NZ honey, calendula, rosemary and other good stuff. It's great for everything from nappy rash to dry, cracked heels and everything in between. Some of our customers even use it as a hair conditioner. A definite family must-have. 

"It has quickly become known in our house as "magic" cream. I use it for anything and everything, scrapes and sore, irritations, dry hands." 
Allison C

The Hydrator: A great family sized tube of affordable moisturiser packed with NZ honey and avocado for super smooth skin. Think of it as an all over, everyday skincare superhero that the whole family will love. 

The only problem our family had with buying The Hydrator was finding it to use, everyone loves it and our holiday morning and evenings started a new ritual of - who’s got it! Julia H

Oasis Sun SPF 30Designed for the harsh UV conditions of New Zealand and Australia this is a long-standing, trusted family favourite that protects skin in the gentlest possible way. With broad spectrum protection for even the most sensitive skin and shea butter, Vitamin E and jojoba oil to help moisturise and nourish skin. 

Hands down the best family sunscreen. I love Oasis sunscreen! Perfect for the whole family - it goes on smoothly and doesn't feel greasy at all. Perfect for my toddler with her sensitive skin - no nasty rashes caused by it drying her skin out   Sel L. 

Kids Zinc Sunscreen StickA 100% natural, zinc-based formulation that provides broad spectrum protection and is super easy to apply. It's also super convenient to pop in school bags, sports bags and grown up handbags - so you never get caught out with no sun protection. 


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