Five Myths About Skincare

After 27 years working as a registered dermatological nurse Susan has  heard just about every crazy beauty claim going. So we got her to share her top five with us.

1. Drinking water hydrates the skin.

No it doesn’t. Water intake doesn’t correlate with skin hydration unless you are severely dehydrated. Our skin produces its own natural lubricant and daily use of a healthy moisturiser will keep skin well hydrated.

2. The SPF in my foundation gives me adequate sun protection.

“I don’t need to wear sunscreen - I have it in my foundation” I’ve heard this so many times. But the truth is very few foundations contain a sufficient level of sun protection. And it’s highly unlikely you put on enough to protect your skin. So, it might not be exciting, but  applying sunscreen every day under your foundation is the best way to protect your skin from sun damage. 

 3. Frequent exfoliating will clean out my pores.

Actually, frequent, vigorous exfoliation irritates and inflames the skin and in turn this often means it will produce more oils.  When it comes to cleaning your skin just be gentle and use a clean face cloth. If you feel the need for a ‘deeper’ cleanse then an enzymatic face mask will remove debris from the surface of the skin, making your skin look smoother and more even. But don’t do it every day, just once or twice a week is plenty.

 4. Expensive products work best.

Some expensive products work well, but some cheaper products work well too. Often the additional expense of top end products is down to packaging and marketing. There is no evidence to suggest that expensive products are always better than the more affordable option. So don’t let the price tag be the deciding factor when you’re shopping for skin care.  

 5. Facial exercises keep the skin smooth and firm.

Exercise is great for weight-bearing muscles, but the muscles in the face are expression muscles.  The more you use them, the more the skin around the muscle is going to wrinkle.  Repeated facial movements break down collagen fibres, causing wrinkles and furrows. So, grab the weights by all means, but steer clear of the facial exercises.

Ever been given some weird skin care advice? Did you try it? Did it work? We'd love to hear it, share it with us in the comments below. 

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