5 Skin Treat Tips

Time Out: 5 Skin Treat Tips With Oasis Beauty

Life moves fast and often we're so busy hurrying and ticking things off to do lists that we forget to take a little time out for ourselves. Self care really does matter and sometimes just taking 10 minutes time out can help you to relax and recharge. 

Here are our five favourite treat me skincare tips to help you take a break and treat your skin and yourself. 

1. Pop on a face mask with Fruit Smoothie. To allow the fruity enzymes to really penetrate skin first apply a very warm, clean, damp facecloth to clean skin. Press to skin for one minute and then apply a layer of Fruit Smoothie. Leave to set as a face mask for 10 to 20 minutes. 

2. Slather some lovely rich Rhino Repair on your feet and then wrap in clingfilm and pop a pair of soft socks over the top. Leave for an hour or two or overnight. Your heels will be super smooth. 

3. Try a deeply cleansing and hydrating face mask with 2-in-1 Luxury Cream Cleanser & Face Mask. Apply to clean skin in a lovely thick layer then sit back and relax with a cup of herbal tea for 20 minutes. Then use wet fingers to convert it back to cream and remove with a clean, damp face cloth and water. 

4. Take time to moisturise. You may be in a rush after your shower but just slow things down for a moment. This is the perfect time to moisturise all those bits that can feel a little dry - elbows, legs, hands, feet, etc. Apply The Hydrator to towel dry skin for a little soothing, extra nourishment. 

5. Have an evening ritual to help you wind down for sleep time. Turn your phone off and opt for a luxury cleansing experience by adding a drop of essential oil to a basin of warm water - try lavender, rose, sandalwood or geranium. After cleansing  gently smooth on some Solar Serum® Eye Cream around the delicate eye area. Pop some Solar Serum® with Lycocelle® on face, neck and decolletage. Then layer up with some Beauty Sleep Night Cream. Then you're ready for a great night's sleep while these treatment products are hard at work making your skin look great!

So get shopping and show your skin a little love with Oasis Beauty products. 

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