How To Use Solar Serum

How To Use Solar Serum

More and more of us are adding serums, like Solar Serum®, to our skincare routine. Serums are formulated to address particular skin issues and Solar Serum is all about repairing the signs of sun damage - like pigmentation, fine lines, dryness and coarse texture. But how exactly should you be using it?

We suggest using Solar Serum once or twice a day, depending on your skin and what works for you. Some may find that one application in the evening is enough, whilst others like to layer it under their makeup in the morning as well.

Either way, make sure you apply Solar Serum to clean skin. Two to three drops should be plenty for the face and then a further two drops for the neck and decolletage. A little really does go a long way so don't overdo it. Apply the drops to your fingertips and then lightly press and pat onto face to spread around. 

You can then layer other products in your skincare regime over the serum. So at night time many people find that Beauty Sleep Luscious Nightly Skin Repair Moisturiser is the ideal companion to Solar Serum. 

But during the day you should obviously layer with some sun protection. Never apply a serum and then go outside unprotected in the daytime unless you want your face to end up looking like a walnut shell. You can apply sunscreen or a daily moisturiser with SPF over your serum and then your foundation on top of that. 

Your skin shouldn't feel oily with a serum. If it does, it could be that you're simply using too much. 

You can apply your serum morning, night or both depending on what works for you. For younger people or those with breakouts just once a day is probably best. But, experiment and see what works for your skin.

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