Tomatoes: Truly Terrific for your Skin

A couple of years ago our founder, Steph, was at a skin care conference overseas and there was a lot of talk about an ingredient called ‘lycopene’. It really grabbed her attention because of the serious scientific research that had gone into it and the amazing results it had produced.

 Most of us come across lycopene everyday – it’s a ‘phytonutrient’ –  which is basically an organic nutrient found in plants. Tomatoes are one of the best sources of lycopene, when cooked or processed, and it’s also what gives them their lovely red colour. Eating lycopene brings some serious health benefits such as lowering the risk of stroke and certain cancers. So you can justify that yummy tomato pasta sauce as a smart health move.

Okay, but what’s all that got to do with skin care?

Well, it turns out lycopene also does all sorts of good stuff to the skin when applied topically.  And it’s particularly good for sun related skin issues. This is what really got Steph’s ears pricking up, as here in New Zealand we live with the harshest UV rays in the world.

 When it comes to UV rays – lycopene not only enhances the skin’s natural immunity to UV radiation but it can also reverse photo-ageing ( that’s premature ageing caused by sun damage) by repairing DNA that has been damaged by UV radiation. All of which is good news for those worried about sun damaged skin.

Lycopene has other skin benefits too. It’s a powerful antioxidant – meaning it combats those free radicals that contribute to ageing.   And it can help to protect against the destruction of our skin’s collagen. It does this by hindering the effect of collagen-destroying enzymes. And healthy, well-preserved collagen is good news for skin.

 So you can see why Steph got inspired at that skin care conference. And when she got back to New Zealand she got straight to work finding a way to make a skin care product that included lycopene with all its benefits.  That’s how Solar Serum and Solar Serum Eye Cream came about and why the press have been getting all excited about it.

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