Ready, Set, Go...Makeup In Minutes

Ready, Set, Go...Makeup In Minutes

Looking for ways to save minutes on the morning makeup routine? Check out our tips.

1. Perfect Finish SPF 30 Makeup Primer gives a great base to apply foundation and helps makeup to last all day long - just what you need if you haven't time to be touching up your look during the day. Apply before make up, dot around the face and neck and smooth gently into skin. Then give it a couple of minutes to adhere to your skin - you can use this time to get your handbag ready, find your keys or feed the dog.

2. Full Coverage Mineral Foundation is easy to apply. Squeeze a little onto back of hand and dot around your face before smoothing out evenly. We often get asked how to test the best shade of foundation to suit skin tone. Test it out on your jawline is the answer.

 3. Use the Oasis Beauty Blending Brush to apply foundation. Everyone who has tried it is a convert. It saves you valuable minutes in the morning and leaves you with an even, flawless look that you simply can't get if you're using your hands to apply. Here's what our customers are saying:

Love it, this has made mornings so quick and easy, blending is a breeze!  Shona N

I am in love with this brush. It uses less product and helps with better coverage. Everyone needs this! Sally Q

4. An Oasis Beauty favourite time saver is to mix a little Full Coverage Mineral Foundation into your regular daily moisturiser and blend together. That's it - tinted moisturiser, super easy and quick to apply.

Follow our tips and you'll be out the door super quick and still looking fantastic all day long!

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