Maximum Moisturise

Maximum Moisturise

Many of us feel the need for a little extra hydration in the winter months. Cold mornings, chilly breezes, warm heatpumps - can all dry out the skin and if you're feeling it then you need to maximise that moisture! Here's some ways to boost that hydration in the long winter months. 

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1. Change up your facial moisturiser. If you currently use Knock Out Shine Control moisturiser, change up to Apple A Day Skin Brightening moisturiser. If you already use Apple A Day switch up to Power Punch Super Hydrating moisturiser. If you're already using Power Punch then try our next tip...  

beauty sleep night cream

2. Add a little extra nourishment. Try Solar Serum® with Lycocelle® morning and night to replenish skin with essential antioxidants.  Then layer with your daily moisturiser in the morning or at night time, follow with Beauty Sleep Luscious Nightly Skin Repair for deep overnight hydration.

3. Shower then moisturise. When skin is still a little damp - it's the perfect time to moisturise. Reach for everyday superhero The Hydrator Hand & Body Lotion  and slather on all over including hands and heels.

rhino repair

4. Treat specific areas of very dry skin. Use Rhino Repair® Skin Healing Cream for this and moisturise hands frequently throughout the day. 

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