Pores For Thought

Pores For Thought

‘I’ve got big pores’ is a surprisingly common complaint when it comes to skin. But pores are a good thing, these little openings on the surface of the skin allow sebum (an oily secretion that keeps skin lubricated) and sweat to be released.

 Pores are tiny and the likelihood is that you are the only person that thinks yours are large. But, it’s true, some pores are larger than others. Enlarged pores can occur at any age and in any skin type, but are more common in those with oily skin and in older, sun-damaged skin.

 There are other things that can make pores look larger. These include overuse of heavy moisturisers and comedogenic (pore-blocking) ingredients or products and the loss of elastin as we age. In women pore size may fluctuate during the menstrual cycle and in men larger hair follicles mean larger pores.

So there are many reasons you may feel your pores look larger than others. But there are also plenty of myths about home methods of ‘shrinking’ pores. Sorry, but cold water doesn’t reduce pore size and neither will astringents. Vigorous exfoliation won’t ‘clean’ out pores either in fact it can damage and inflame skin, making the issue worse.

So what should we do to get a more even skin texture and try to minimise the appearance of those pores? Well, here are some key, simple steps that can help if followed regularly.

  • Keep skin care simple and effective
  • Wear sunscreen every single day
  • Avoid comedogenic skin products
  • A weekly deep cleansing mask (Full Cream Cleanser) and enzymatic mask (Fruit Smoothie) can improve the appearance of large pores and keep your skin looking fresh and healthy
  • Seek medical treatment for inflammatory acne


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