Serum - Essential Skin Care

Most of us know cleansing matters and our day moisturisers should have an in-built SPF.  That is skin care 101. But, there's another punchy little product that takes seconds to apply but can bring a huge boost to your skin - facial serums.  

Serums are fast becoming the norm for many of us, and for very good reasons. A really good serum can help to repair and treat different skin conditions. They also tend to have far more concentrated formulations than your average moisturiser with powerful active active ingredients. 

And, because serums are typically oil-based with a smaller molecular size than moisturisers, their ingredients can penetrate the skin more easily. They're basically designed to deliver good stuff to the skin. 

You can find serums formulated to deal with a wide range of specific issues. Solar Serum®, for example, has been designed to help repair and revitalise skin after exposure to UV rays. It contains lycopene, rosehip, vitamin C and a host of other powerful skin boosters than can help to reduce sun damage, redness and pigmentation issues.

So, if you want to ramp up your skin care - start thinking about adding in a serum to that daily routine. 

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