winter skincare tips

Seven Tips For Winter Skincare

For many of us the change in seasons can also bring some changes in our skin. So check out our Oasis skincare tips to help you through these chilly months. 

1. Maximise Moisture: When it’s dry and cold, the skin’s barrier function can change, causing water to evaporate off the surface faster and easier.  Air-conditioning, heating and dehumidifiers can really dry out skin fast.

Hot baths and showers, while soothing after a cold day, also dehydrate the skin. Try to limit shower/bathing time to reduce skin dehydration, and after bathing or showering, apply The Hydrator liberally to towel-dry skin

Treat any very dry skin, including hands and feet with Rhino Repair and moisturise hands frequently throughout the day.

Drink plenty of water or herbal teas.

2. Ramp Up Your Facial Moisturiser: If your skin is becoming drier, switch up to Power Punch, a daily deep hydrating moisturiser with sunscreen.  Add a healing burst of vitamin C twice a day with Super Fruit Skin Brightening Tonic that’s loaded with natural vitamin C.

Include Solar Serum morning and night to replenish the skin with essential antioxidants.  At night time, follow with Beauty Sleep for deep overnight hydration, or Rhino Repair for acne/rosacea-prone skin. You can even try mixing 3 drops of serum into your night or day moisturiser and apply as normal.

3. Rosacea and Sensitive SkinSeasonal changes can trigger rosacea and cause sensitive skin to feel more irritated.  But don't be tempted to slather on a ton of different products. Instead keeping your skincare regime simple may give better results - sometimes less really is best.  Try this simple winter skincare regime suggested by Oasis dermatology nurse, Susan, for rosacea prone skin: wash gently twice a day with Light Milk Cleanser, protect daily with Oasis Sun SPF30 and apply Rhino Repair liberally at night to soothe and repair dry, sensitive reddened skin.

4. Exfoliate Less: Exfoliating very dry skin can damage the barrier function and cause redness and irritation.  Normal or oily skin can be exfoliated gently, but just once a week over winter.

5. Sun Protection: Yes, we know. It's chilly outside why on earth do you need sun protection? Well, here in NZ and Australia we live with the harshest UV conditions in the world and even though it's cold those rays can still do some damage to your skin. So opt for daily sun protection and if you're heading for the ski slopes - take extra care to avoid sunburn with our 100% natural Zinc Sunscreen Stick

6. Fake It: Missing your summer glow?  Super Tan provides a natural looking tan in just a couple of hours.  The best way to get it on is after showering or bathing.  Apply The Hydrator liberally to towel dry skin and allow to skin in, then apply an even layer of Super Tan.

7. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Finally, the winter weather can affect more than just our skin. Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that's related to changes in seasons — SAD begins and ends at about the same times every year, usually in autumn and continues into the winter months. Self-care is essential if you experience SAD and small things like maintaining a healthy skincare regime and indulging in regular pampering rituals can support you. If you think you are affected by SAD, see your family doctor for help as this condition is treatable.


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