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Six Tips To Spring Clean Your Skin Care

When you work at a skin care company you expect your make up bag to be picture perfect right? 


But for many of us cleaning out the make up bag is one of those jobs that gets stuck at the very bottom of the to do list. So it ends up with things stuffed in any old how, smudges on tubes, out of date products and left out in the hot sun to fry.

A bit like this one that belongs to one of the Oasis team, well, exactly like this one actually. But we’re not going to name and shame them, instead we gave the bag a clean up and got it ready for spring. Here's what we did:

Check expiry dates

Nothing lasts forever and the same goes for sunscreen, moisturisers and other skin care products. You’ll find many actually have an expiry date like you find on food items. Oasis Beauty products usually have them on the crimped end of the tube. If your product is past its expiry date then bin it. Ingredients can become less effective after the expiry date and this is really important in things like sunscreen. 

 Ditch the old stuff

Once opened Oasis Beauty products have a 12-month shelf life. You can check this by looking for the small open jar symbol on the packaging. But we know time flies and you’ve probably got enough to think about without worrying about when you first opened that Super Tan. So just scribble the date you open the product on the tube. That way you know when the 12 month mark hits.

The reason we have expiry dates and shelf life symbols is because skin care products do degrade over time. You may notice, for example, a different consistency or smell and products simply won’t work as well.  And products with a high percentage of natural ingredients are particularly susceptible to natural degradation. This is often made worse when products are in jars where you dip your fingers in, adding a nice big dollop of bacteria to the product every time you touch it. It’s part of the reason we favour tubes at Oasis Beauty.

 Storing skin care products

The spotty bag in our picture was being kept on the windowsill in direct sunlight. That’s a big no-no. Heat and sunlight are no good for skincare products, they can change their consistency and decrease the effectiveness of certain ingredients. So keep them in a cool, dry place out of direct sun.

(Our office manager, Sarah, keeps her Aloe Vera & Cucumber Healing Gel in the fridge. Along with her Super Fruit Skin Brightening Facial Tonic for a refreshing facial spritz in those hot summer months).

Clean up tubes and tops. You’re running late you throw on some moisturiser, leave the lid open and head for the door. Repeat this a few times and you’ll soon end up with product leaking out and drying around the lid, not to mention smudging on your make up bag. So, give tubes, jars and bottles a quick wipe with a damp cloth to get rid of any debris and then always make sure you close the lid.

 Clean accessories. Brushes and sponges can all benefit from a bit of a wash. Just a gentle rinse in warm water with a tiny bit of liquid soap. When washing the Oasis BB brush dip the end of the bristles in the warm water and lightly massage to get the make up debris off.

When you leave it to dry don’t stand it up on its end as water will drip into the root of the bristles and dislodge the glue. Instead lie the brush on its side on the vanity with the bristles hanging off the edge. That way water won’t run up towards the handle.

 Throw away old eye makeup. We don’t do eye make up at Oasis Beauty but we wear it. And whilst doing a bit of research we found it’s the cosmetic item with the shortest lifespan. Experts recommend replacing it every two to three months which seems a lot but bacteria on mascara wands or eye pencils can cause all sorts of nasties like conjunctivitis and sties.

And in case you're wondering, this is what that spotty bag looked like after its makeover. All ready for spring...

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