Squeaky Clean Faces - Cleansing 101

Keeping your face clean is one of those things that should be simple but can be confusing. Should we cleanse once or twice a day?  Will cleansing allow the skin to breathe?  Will cleansing make us look younger? If I don’t cleanse will I get acne? 

 So, we decided to get some real answers from our super skin adviser Susan. With over 25 years’ experience as a cosmetic nurse there’s not much she doesn’t know. She gives straight up, honest advice and calls out nonsense when she hears it.

We’ve become obsessed with cleansing away bacteria says Susan.  From  our kitchen benches, our floors and our faces. But not all bacteria is bad and overly vigorous cleansing can cause skin irritation and, surprisingly, excessive oil production. We think we have to fiercely wash away all the ‘pollutants’ that threaten to contaminate our skin, but the skin is a robust organ that provides a strong defence to daily pollution and the key to effective cleansing is to be gentle to our skin, so the barrier integrity is never compromised.

 Okay, so does cleansing help the skin breathe? Skin is the body’s largest organ and makes up about 15% of our body weight.  While it does a lot of amazing things, it does not breathe.  This is what our lungs are for!  The skin can absorb some oxygen under the right circumstances, but unlike earthworms, humans cannot breathe cutaneously.  So cleansing in order to ‘let the skin breathe’ is nonsense.

 What we need to do is gently remove built-up product, sweat and excess oil twice a day to keep our skin looking fresh and healthy. 

 But choose your cleanser carefully as some can cause more problems than they solve.  For example, many popular facial cleansers contain sodium laureth sulphate (SLS) and this has been shown time and again to be a significant skin irritant.  It also disrupts the skin’s natural barrier function and this is why the skin can feel very dry and itchy.  Oasis Beauty cleansers are 100% SLS free and gently remove debris without drying or irritating the skin.

 So what should you be doing? Well, dermatologists recommend twice daily facial cleansing with a water-soluble cleanser.  This means a cleanser that rinses off easily with water. 

 Oasis Beauty cleansers are all water-soluble which means you can just gently apply with fingers and wash off with water.  But it’s perfectly ok to use them with a wash cloth or cleansing pad if you prefer.  Just make sure you use a clean face cloth every single time you wash your face.  Damp, used face cloths are the perfect environment for bugs to grow in.  Chux kitchen wipes make great face washers and can be washed a number of times.

Susan’s Advice:

  • Wash your face twice a day with a water soluble cleanser
  • Be gentle – you’re not scrubbing the kitchen counter
  • Always use a clean wash cloth

Not sure what cleanser is best for you? Got skincare worries? Book a free online consultation with our experienced cosmetic nurse Susan and get personalised advice.

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  • The cleanser dramatically changed the appearance of my skin. It cleared it up and left it actually feeling clean. Best choice I could have made was switching to a natural skin care regime ??

    Larrissa Thorn
  • Love how this cleans off a days worth of sunscreen and outdoor muck. But you don’t feel like your face has been stripped and dry. Don’t need to rush to moisturise as you step out of the shower.


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