Avoid Summer Skin Overload - Here's How...

Summer skin care can be confusing – we know we should be putting on sunscreen everyday, but then what about moisturiser?  Do we put on that too?  Does it go on first?  Or after? And if we’re putting on BB cream should we put on a primer too?  It’s all a bit confusing.

So we turned to our resident cosmetic nurse and skin guru, Susan about all this and she was pretty clear.  “I’ve seen more skin problems related to overuse of products than any other cause.  The best solution is to keep skin care as simple as possible. Long, complicated beauty regimes can actually have a reverse effect, resulting in itchy, irritated, reddened skin and exacerbating rosacea and break-outs. Less is definitely best.” 

With that in mind, Susan suggested this simple, three-step, skin care routine for those summer mornings.

  1. Cleanse. Wash the face morning and night. You can use a clean face cloth for gentle exfoliation.
  2. Treat. Berry Tonic is ideal for summer.  It’s so refreshing and brightens the skin with its fruit extracts.
  3. Protect. Every. Single. Day.  Choose a sunscreen OR a daytime moisturiser with high protection sunscreen.  Oasis Sun SPF30 has a lovely hydrating base of shea butter and jojoba oil and feels light and non-greasy on the skin.  It’s also a fabulous base for makeup. So, it can do the job of three products (sun protection, moisturiser and primer) all in one.

Of course, if you’re out in the sun for a few hours at a time you’ll be slapping on the sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours and by the end of the day, this can feel like a real overload. Using a deep cleansing face mask is great for drawing out impurities and freshening the skin and some, like our Fruit Smoothie, also have a gentle exfoliating action.

And at the end of the day do we really need to put on a night cream too?  Susan says it’s optional.  “It’s an individual option, but not a necessity as we are often led to believe.  Beauty Sleep is an action-packed night cream for sensitive skin.  But if your skin is feeling dehydrated, dry or irritated, you could try something like Rhino Repair to soothe and restore overnight. And, if your skin is very oily you probably don’t need a night cream.”

So, however you organise your skin care, try to keep it simple this summer for the best results.

Here are some other skin care questions we threw at Susan when we were talking about product overload. 

Which SPF should I use on my face?

SPF30 or more is recommended for the face.  Sunscreen really is your number one beauty secret to protect the skin against premature ageing.

 Do I have to reapply my sunscreen throughout the day?

Yes, you do. If you’re outside – at the beach, on the boat, or on the farm you must reapply your sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours during peak burn times (10AM – 5PM).  And make sure you're putting it on right

I have sunscreen in my makeup.  Is this enough?

If it’s SPF30 or higher and offers broad protection sunscreen, this will be enough.  However, you do need to reapply it every 2 to 3 hours when outdoors.

SPF is not cumulative, so wearing an SPF15 moisturiser and an SPF15 makeup does not equal SPF 30 protection.

 Which is best – a daily moisturiser with sunscreen or just a sunscreen?

It’s your choice.  Just choose a product that you love to wear every day.  As long as you have broad-spectrum protection, the formulation doesn’t matter.

 How can I reapply my sunscreen if I’m wearing makeup?

If your makeup offers SPF30 protection or higher, reapply every 2 to 3 hours.  Alternatively, carry a clean, damp face cloth in a zip-lock bag, wipe your face and reapply your sunscreen.  Then you can add a light dusting of bronzer for a natural, sun-kissed look while keeping your skin well protected.

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