Sunscreen - Put It On Right

Sure, putting on sunscreen sounds easy.  Slap a bit on your hands and rub it round your face and body, right? 

Well, …not quite.  To get the the best out of your sunscreen you need to take a little bit of care when you put it on. Here are our top tips for perfect sunscreen application.

  1. For daily use, when you’re going out to the shops or the office, apply your sunscreen as you would a normal moisturiser. Oasis Sun SPF 30 also makes a great primer for make up, so put it on before any other make up you’re planning to wear.
  1. Pay attention around the eyes. According to research this is the area we are most likely to miss when applying sunscreen, it is also the place where 5% to 10% of all skin cancers occur.
  1. Don’t skimp. Many of us don’t put on enough sunscreen.  We recommend a 50-cent-sized splodge just for the face.  For the whole body you should be using the equivalent of seven teaspoons or a shot glass, depending on how you like to measure things. 
  1. Apply to all bare skin, so that includes those often forgotten areas like tops of ears, tops of feet and back of neck. Bright red, burnt ears are not a good look.
  1. With your Oasis sunscreen, don’t keep rubbing it in. Leave a thin layer visible on your skin and you will notice that over a few minutes it will disappear as it adheres to the skin. 
  1. Plan ahead. Put your sunscreen on at least 20 minutes before you go out in the sun, don’t leave it till you get to the beach.
  1. Once out in the sun, reapply every two hours and after swimming.

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