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Two Types Of Skin Ageing

Two Types Of Skin Ageing

When it comes to your skin there are two types of ageing. One of them is responsible for up to 90% of the signs of ageing. So what you can do about it?
Keeping kids safe in the sun

Keeping Kids Safe In The Sun

Getting sunscreen on kids isn't always easy, but it's really important. Young skin is especially sensitive to sunburn and studies show the link between childhood sunburn and a higher risk of skin cancer later in life.
busting sunscreen myths

Sunscreen Myth Buster

Our resident skin guru Susan believes in straight talking. So when we saw a recent survey by Australia’s Cancer Council’s National Sun Protection that  gives all sorts of reasons why people don't wear sunscreen, well, we wanted to know what Susan thought about that.
How We Test Oasis Sunscreen

How We Test Oasis Sunscreen

Sunscreen testing might not be mandatory in New Zealand, but you can be sure it's something we take seriously at Oasis. Here's how we get ours tested.
Sunburn is dangerous, stay safe in the sun to avoid long term skin issues.

Sunburn - It's Serious and Here's Why

Despite the sun safe messages red, painful and even blistered skin from sunburn is still common in the NZ summer.  But sunburn isn't just a temporary inconvenience, it can have long-term effects.