The Ultimate Guide to Combination Skin

The Ultimate Guide to Combination Skin

What does ‘combination skin’ really mean?

Well, it’s when your skin is a combination of two different types –so it might be oily but dry in places, or dry and sensitive, sensitive and oily, flaky and oily, dry with breakouts, sometimes dry - sometimes oily.  So it’s not just one skin type, and this can make it really tricky when it comes to finding the right skin care products and establishing a routine.

There’s no single main cause of combination skin.  Some people just naturally have larger sebaceous pores in their T-zone (forehead and nose); sometimes these pores get larger due to environmental stress and hormone changes.  Whilst common skin conditions such as acne and rosacea often include areas of dryness, oiliness, irritation, flakiness and sensitivity.

What can you do about it?

The very best advice we can give you is to always keep your skincare regime very simple as too much product use can really aggravate existing conditions. For example, if I have dry skin with an oily T-zone, but my main concern is the dryness, I may choose a heavier moisturiser that can make the oiliness worse, and then I might use an astringent product to try to correct this but this may irritate the dry skin.  So it is down to finding the right products that strike the right balance for your particular skin issues.

And of course, for many of us, having two different skincare ranges is way outside our budget, and at Oasis Beauty, we agree. It’s just not necessary to have a bathroom cupboard full of quick fix products.  It’s a matter of keeping things simple and being smart with your skin care choices.

Combination skin needs to be treated gently and conservatively, with a good cleanser, a daily sunscreen and a gentle treatment product.  We’ve got this covered at Oasis Beauty and our dermatology nurse, Susan, has this suggested skincare regime for those with combination skin:


Cleanse – Light Milk Skin Facial Cleanser.  This is a very gentle, milky cleanser that has natural antibacterial properties so is great for combatting blemishes but does not strip the skin. 

Treat – Berry Tonic.  Developed for sensitive skin, this daily tonic lotion brightens your complexion, helps reduce the appearance of pore size, and keeps breakouts under control.

Protect – Oasis Sun SPF30.  This is the very best option for day time hydrating and sun protection for combination skin.  The hydrating base of jojoba oil and shea butter supports dry skin without ever feeling heavy or greasy and the SPF30 provides great daily sun protection.  Oasis Sun SPF30 dries completely matte and feels light on the skin so is the best choice for those struggling with oily T-zones or the occasional breakout.


Cleanse – Light Milk Skin Facial Cleanser.  Massage into the skin and remove with a clean, damp face cloth.

Treat and Hydrate – Rhino Repair.  This powerful natural healing cream helps improve irritation and redness caused by dry skin, acne and rosacea.  It’s light enough to use on oily skin and strong enough to soothe dry, irritated skin.

You can also try Fruit Smoothie face mask once or twice a week. Its gentle exfoliating action will leave your skin radiant and glowing.

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If you’re not sure what products to use for your combination skin, why not book a free online consultation with Susan for personal skin care advice that really works.



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