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The Ultimate Guide to Dry Skin

As if the short days and cold mornings weren’t enough to deal with in bleak midwinter, this is also the time of year many of us notice our skin is feeling a bit dry. It can make skin seem rough and look a bit dull and often there’s a sensation of ‘tightness’ on the face after showering.

So what causes it?

Well, you can possibly blame your parents – you can simply inherit a tendency for dry skin, like dimples and a readiness for thrill-seeking. 

But environmental factors also count. Cold weather, heated rooms and low humidity can all make our skin feel dry. And, whilst water maybe wet it can make your skin dry. Hot showers, baths and swimming in chlorinated pools all contribute.  

Another common culprit is skin care products containing SLS or SLES (sodium lauryl sulphate and sodium laureth sulphate). Both are frequently found in everything from shampoos to bubble bath and facial wash. But they dry out the skin by making it lose moisture.

So what can we do about it?

Living in a humid, tropical climate can apparently help. But if heading to the rainforest to relax in a hammock isn’t an option, here are some more practical things you can do: 

  • Avoid skin care products that contains SLS or SLES and those that list alcohol in their top 5 ingredients.
  • Use a gentle, water soluble facial cleanser that doesn’t strip the skin’s natural oils. Most anti-bacterial soaps and body washes are too irritating.
  • Don’t spend too long in the shower or bath and use warm water rather than hot.
  • Pat skin dry rather than rubbing after you shower.
  • Apply plenty of moisturiser to towel-dry, warm skin.
  • Don’t exfoliate too much. We know it’s tempting to try to scrub away dry flaky skin but it can irritate the skin and make matters worse. So hold back!
  • If you have dry skin on your hands then wear gloves to do the dishes or other chores. Or better still get someone else to do them.
  • Apply moisturiser to dry patches little and often throughout the day.
  • Wear sunscreen every single day to prevent sun damage.

 Dry skin routine

We asked our dermatology nurse, Susan, about the best way to deal with dry skin. Susan gives straightforward practical advice and likes to keep it simple. She knows most of us don’t have time for a 40-step skin care regime before we leave the house in the morning. So here are her suggestions based on our Oasis Beauty range.


Cleanse:  2-in-1 Luxury Cream Cleanser & Face Mask deeply cleanses without stripping the skin’s natural oils. 

Treat:  Rhino Repair: Dab a small amount on any particular areas of dry skin. Packed with active organic naturals like NZ Manuka honey, vitamin E, chamomile and shea butter Rhino Repair is the ultimate in dry skin relief.

Protect:  Power Punch.  A must-have for all dry skin, this daily moisturiser with SPF25 provides intense hydration without any greasy feel and is a lovely base for makeup.


Cleanse:  2-in-1 Luxury Cream Cleanser & Face Mask

Hydrate and Restore:  Beauty Sleep or Rhino Repair.  Beauty Sleep restores the natural barrier function of the skin and replenishes and hydrates overnight.  But Rhino Repair also works an excellent night cream for very dry, irritated skin.

Read more on the Oasis Blog. Find out how to choose the right moisturiser for your skin type

We know not one size fits all when it comes to skin. That’s why we offer free, personalised consultations online with Susan. So book yours here and get some straightforward skin care advice just for you.


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