Amazing Ways To Use Rhino Repair

Rhino Repair is versatility in a tube and who doesn't love that? It saves money and space in the bathroom cabinet and it's just so handy to have around. 

It moisturises, nourishes and soothes and helps to relieve dry, itchy, flaky skin anywhere from head to toe and everywhere in between.

Here at Oasis HQ we've used it as lip balm, hand cream, slathered it on cracked heels and used it as a super facial moisturiser. It's great for after shaving or waxing and for helping to heal scars, burns, cuts and grazes. And it's safe to use on all areas for all ages. 

But we always love hearing what our customers get up to with their Rhino Repair. Here are some of our favourites. 

  • My leg came out of a cast after breaking my ankle 8 weeks ago. poor skinny little left leg was dry, blotchy and covered in ‘fish scales’...3 days later after using Rhino Repair morning and’s like new again. Julie B
  • I do CrossFit and I’ve found using it on my hands helps keep calluses to a minimum, which prevents tears and rips when doing pull ups etc. Kirsten
  • It has quickly become known in our house as "magic" cream. I use it for anything and everything, scrapes and sore, irritations, dry hands. Allison C
  • I tried it as a conditioner/mask, let it soak in a bit and rinsed. My usually frizzy, curly hair looked healthy and bouncy. One month on and my hair is still bouncy, best conditioner ever, but more amazingly my dandruff has completely disappeared. Lin K
  • I love Rhino Repair for its super-moisturing properties. I use it on hands, face (I use it as a night cream), feet, lips, elbows, legs, arms, children with sensitive skin... pretty much everything! Lovely on skin that has had a tad too much sun, and super on dry, cracked mum hands that have been washed about 1,000 times a day! Amelia
  • I use it a a night cream, hand cream, body butter, if I have a bite, get sun burnt accidentally. I took it overseas with me and I used it on the plane just to stop the skin from drying out. Was great on the lips. Love Rhino Repair.  Sarah W
  • This is the only product I cannot live with out this summer or ever.....It fixes everything from dry skin to dry beach hair, boogie board rash on the kids , to cracked heals and soothes sunburn. Itchy bites and eczema and just good old dry hands , Rhino cream has it covered. I have even put it on my horses sunburnt nose. Lynley W

Rhino Repair comes in a full 150ml size and a smaller handy 50ml travel tube.

So, tell us, how do you use yours?

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