Why Do We Love Suntans?

Why Do We Love Suntans?

Tanned skin might look healthy but tanned skin is actually damaged skin.  The only safe way to get that bronzed look is to fake it. 

 But where did the idea of a looking tanned come from in the first place?  Well, just over one hundred years ago having a tan wasn’t considered desirable at all – a suntan meant you were out working in the fields.  Whilst wealthy aristocrats swanned around gracefully under their parasols with milky white skin in the height of summer. 

But then working habits started to change.  People started to get employment in factories rather than fields so being out in the sun became the preserve of the wealthy. And then in the 1920s fashion icon Coco Chanel got sunburnt on a Mediterranean cruise.  Like anything Chanel did, this tanned look instantly became desirable. And soon all the rich aristocrats were swanning around beach resorts in the south of France, sporting tans.

Roll forward nearly 100 years and the message now is that there is no such thing as a safe tan.  We know for sure that ultraviolet radiation causes skin cancer. But for some, having a tan is still desirable, so the only way to achieve this safely is with a fake tan. 

Oasis Super Tan can give you a holiday glow all year round – with no streaking or nasty smell.  Enriched with jojoba, vitamin E and strawberry extract, Super Tan uses nature’s own ingredients to produce a natural, long-lasting tan.  Fake tan does not provide any sun  protection, so as soon as the tan has developed, apply sunscreen for ultimate sun protection.

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