Diary of an Oasis Girl

Age Is Not A Skin Type

If you're over 40, chances are you've been recommended a skin care range for 'mature skin' when shopping for cosmetics.  But do you really need a different range of skin care just because you are a certain age?

What Causes Irritated Skin?

Skin is the largest organ in the body and it is the only body organ that is constantly exposed to potential irritation.  So you're bound to get an itch or two.

Brilliant Bees! Honey In Oasis Products

Bees are amazing creatures - hard-working, smart and with their own special way to communicate – ‘the waggle dance’.  

10 Things To Love About Amazing Aloe

More than just an after-sun product, the Oasis Girl has discovered some great ways to use her amazing 100% natural Oasis aloe...

Expert Eczema Advice: Protecting The Skin Barrier

While there is no known cure for eczema, when the skin is well hydrated it is far less itchy and uncomfortable, therefore you are far less likely to scratch.

Expert Eczema Advice: Controlling The Itch

When the skin is ITCHY, we desperately want to SCRATCH. Scratching damages the skin even more and makes it itchier. This is the vicious cycle of eczema.

3 Easy Skin Care Tips for Beautiful Summer Skin

Summer skin care is easy to forget when you are our enjoying the warm weather, but here are 3 easy summer skin care tips for beautiful skin all summer long.

3 Bedtime Ritual Tips for Clear Blemish-Free Skin

You’ve probably noticed that when you skimp on your beauty sleep it shows on your face. If you're dreaming of clear skin, try these bedtime tips.

Is That A Mole On Your Back...Or What?

It only took me 42 years to have my first MoleMap.  According to my friends I’m the perfect candidate for one…as I have lots of moles.

The 7 Worst Mistakes You Can Make In The Sun

We hate to get preachy on you, but if you want to have a safer, sexier, fun time in the sun this summer repeat after us, thou shall not…

The 3 Basic Steps Of A Good Skin Care Routine

Follow this super simple 3-step routine twice a day for gorgeous, clear, blemish-free skin in no time at all.