Acne Recovery Support Package

Acne Recovery Support Package
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Acne is commonly considered to be a normal part of being a teenager. However, acne is an inflammatory skin disease, and while it affects many teenagers, it also affects adults. The good news is that acne can be treated very effectively, so visit your family doctor or dermatologist to discuss which treatment options are right for you.

Over-the-counter acne medications and skin care do not always resolve acne and can lead to worsening acne. This is because many of the preparations designed to ‘treat’ acne contain high doses of benzyl peroxide that dries the skin and can cause even more inflammation. So while the acne may settle for a period of time, it usually returns more aggressively and the skin becomes more and more irritated and inflamed.

The key component of good skin care to support acne recovery is “Less is Best” and this not only includes the number of products you use but the amount of ingredients in each product.

The Oasis Acne Recovery Support Pack has been proven effective by NZ dermatologists. It is designed to support the healing and protection of the skin while you are following a course of prescribed medication to treat your acne. It’s easy to use, affordable and it really works.

Oasis Beauty Acne Recovery Support Pack is backed by good science and years of clinical experience and complements any prescribed acne medication you are using.

If you have acne, forget all you’ve heard about having to ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ the skin. Cleansing is important, but toning does nothing to reduce the production of oil or pore size and some toners contain ingredients that cause significant skin irritation, while a lot of moisturisers are far too heavy on skin that already produces too much oil. A far more effective approach is to cleanse, treat and protect.

How It Works

CLEANSE twice a day
It’s important to wash your face morning and night; in the morning to remove built-up sebum (skin oil) and in the evening to remove makeup and debris.
Light Milk Cleanser is a gentle cleanser for the most sensitive skin. Lavender provides antibacterial and soothing action.

TREAT once or twice a day
In this step you apply your prescribed topical acne medication. At night, apply a thin layer of Rhino Repair to the entire face and neck to support healing, reduce redness and inflammation and soothe irritation.

PROTECT every single day
with a hydrating sunscreen specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Oasis Sun SPF30 provides daily broad-spectrum sun protection and gentle hydrates the skin without ever feeling greasy or heavy. It dries matte and is a perfect base for makeup.

The Plan

Cleanse: Light Milk Cleanser. Rinse off with water or use a clean damp face cloth
Treat: Use your topical acne medication as prescribed. If you do not have topical medication, you can skip this step.
Protect: Oasis Sun SPF30. Apply to the entire face and neck.

If you wish to use foundation, apply this next but choose a light, mineral foundation that is not too heavy.

Cleanse: Light Milk Cleanser. Massage into face to loosen makeup and sunscreen. Remove gently with a clean damp face cloth and pat skin dry.
Treat: Use your topical acne medication as prescribed. Then apply Rhino Repair generously to the face and neck. If you do not have topical acne medication to use at night, just apply Rhino Repair.

Hints & Tips

  • Avoid all grainy exfoliating scrubs. Excessive exfoliation can increase oil production and inflammation.
  • Always use a clean face cloth to wash your face. Chux kitchen wipes also make great face washers and can be re-washed a number of times.
  • Wash makeup brushes and sponges every week in hot soapy water.
  • Eating chocolate does NOT cause acne but we recommend a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and water.
  • Do not pick or squeeze any pimples, no matter how tempting. This will lead to acne scarring which may be permanent.
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2 Reviews
Reviewed by Katherine W.
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Getting rid of my lockdown pimples

For some reason (stress, hormones, who knows?) I started developing pimples during the Covid-19 lockdown. I am 45 years old and used to get lots of pimples, but hadn't had many for a while.

I tried switching from my usual product to another one designed for problem skin, but nothing much happened. When I received an email from Oasis offering their acne package, I decided it was worth a try. Good news! The pimples started to reduce and have almost fully cleared up on one side of my face. My skin is continuing to improve.

The rhino repair is also useful for hands that are a bit dry due to all the hand washing and sanitising I've been doing.

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Reviewed by Bethann C.
Verified Buyer
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Review posted

So far so good!

My 13 year old son has only been using these products for two weeks, but we already see a difference. The Rhino repair definitely calms the flare ups and redness that is caused by his acne.

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