Rosacea Recovery Support Package

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Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory skin condition characterised by diffuse redness across the cheeks and nose and sometimes the chin and forehead. In severe rosacea, acne-like pimples can appear on the nose and cheeks, but rosacea is not related to acne.

The exact cause of rosacea is not really known and although a number of potential factors have been suggested there still isn’t enough evidence to define the real cause. 

What we do know for sure is that skin damage from sun exposure definitely plays a part.

Signs and symptoms of rosacea

  • Frequent blushing or flushing especially with sun exposure, hot and spicy food, and alcohol.
  • Persistent redness of the face with the appearance of spider veins across the check, nose, and sometimes the chin.
  • Small red pimples across the cheeks and nose. This looks like acne but is not related.
  • Dry, flaky skin.
  • Very sensitive skin that burns or stings when cosmetics and sunscreens are applied.

Getting relief from rosacea symptoms

See your family doctor or dermatologist to discuss possible treatment options.  These might include oral or topical medications and laser therapy to reduce redness and flushing.

There’s also a lot you can do for yourself to keep your rosacea under control.  Because rosacea-prone skin is often highly sensitive and reactive, it’s essential to keep your skin care regime very simple. 

The key component of good skin care to support rosacea recovery is “Less is Best” and this not only includes the number of products you use but the amount of ingredients in each product.

If you have rosacea, forget all you’ve heard about having to ‘cleanse, tone and moisturise’ the skin.  Cleansing is important, but toning offers no clinical benefits to rosacea-prone skin and some toners contain ingredients that cause significant skin irritation. Rosacea-prone skin may feel dry and flaky but using rich moisturisers can increase skin sensitivity and redness.




CLEANSE twice a day
It’s important to wash your face morning and night; in the morning to remove built-up sebum (skin oil) and in the evening to remove makeup and debris.
Light Milk Cleanser is a gentle cleanser for the most sensitive skin. Lavender provides antibacterial and soothing action.

TREAT once or twice a day
In this step you apply your prescribed topical acne medication. At night, apply a thin layer of Rhino Repair to the entire face and neck to support healing, reduce redness and inflammation and soothe irritation.

PROTECT every single day 
with a hydrating sunscreen specifically formulated for sensitive skin. Oasis Sun SPF30 provides daily broad-spectrum sun protection and gentle hydrates the skin without ever feeling greasy or heavy. It dries matte and is a perfect base for makeup.




Cleanse: Light Milk Cleanser. Rinse off with water or use a clean damp face cloth
Treat: Use your topical rosacea medication as prescribed. If you do not have topical medication, you can skip this step, or if your skin is feeling sore or irritated, apply a thin layer of Rhino Repair to soothe and restore hydration.
Protect: Oasis Sun SPF30. Apply to the entire face and neck.

If you wish to use foundation, apply this next but choose a light, mineral foundation that is not too heavy. Oasis Beauty Full Coverage Mineral Foundations provide good coverage of redness with a natural finish.

Cleanse: Light Milk Cleanser. Massage into face to loosen makeup and sunscreen. Remove gently with a clean damp face cloth and pat skin dry.
Treat: Use your topical rosacea medication as prescribed. Then apply Rhino Repair generously to the face and neck. If you do not have topical rosacea medication to use at night, just apply Rhino Repair.




Avoid astringents and toners, especially those that contain witch hazel, menthol, tea-tree oil.

  • Avoid skin care products containing sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and lanolin as these are known skin irritants.
  • Avoid all grainy exfoliating scrubs. Excessive exfoliation can increase redness and inflammation.
  • Avoid all skin care that is oil-based. Choose water-based skin care and makeup.
  • Always use a clean face cloth to wash your face. Chux kitchen wipes also make great face washers and can be re-washed a number of times.
  • Wear broad-spectrum SPF30 sun protection every single day.
  • Avoid or reduce spicy food and alcohol.
  • Wash makeup brushes and sponges every week in hot soapy water.
  • Studies suggest that honey is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Dermatologists in NZ have seen very good results in the reduction of inflammation in rosacea when Rhino Repair is used every night.