Dried Up?
You can usually thank Mum and Dad for dry skin, but it can also be caused by the environment. It usually feels tight, especially after showering or bathing and can have flaking patches or some redness.
Check out the staff picks for what we think people with Dry Skin should use. 
If you feel Power Punch is too much for you use Apple a Day.
Full Cream Cleanser
Free Gift

Full Cream Cleanser - $34.90 NZD
Berry Tonic
Free Gift

Berry Tonic - $34.90 NZD
Fruit Smoothie
Free Gift

Fruit Smoothie - $39.90 NZD
Hot Toddy
Free Gift

Hot Toddy - $39.90 NZD
Power Punch SPF25
Free Gift

Power Punch SPF25 - $39.90 NZD
Rhino Repair
Free Gift

Rhino Repair - $17.50 NZD
The Hydrator
Free Gift

The Hydrator - $29.90 NZD
Beauty Sleep
Free Gift

Beauty Sleep - $39.90 NZD

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