The Charities We Support

In case you’ve got this far and haven’t realised – we love animals at Oasis.

Our founder, Stephanie, has a menagerie of rescued and re-homed animals living at her home - Oasis Cottage. And we also have our own animal visitors at Oasis HQ offices, Pebbles the three-legged cat drops in daily for a spot of breakfast and a snooze in the office kitchen.

Our love of animals means that all our products are cruelty-free and never animal tested. And we also support animal charities that we have carefully chosen to cover all creatures great and small, around the world and locally. The four main charities we support are:

  1. World Animal Protection for the work they do to protect animals around the world that need human intervention.  Their vision is a world where animal welfare matters and animal cruelty has ended.
  2. SAFE (Save Animals From Exploitation) for the work they do in New Zealand to oppose factory farming.  Their vision is a world where animals are understood and respected in such a way that they are no longer exploited, abused or made to suffer.
  3. Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand which is a small non-profit run by two dedicated hedgehog lovers who rescue, rehabilitate and release hedgehogs into non-native areas.
  4. Oxford Bird Rescue which is run by a hardworking couple who rescue, rehabilitate and release all types of injured or abandoned wild birds around the North Canterbury area in New Zealand.

Every time you buy online from us, we donate NZ$1 of the profit to an animal charity of your choice.  

All you need to do is click on the charity of your choice when you arrive at checkout. You will see a few more charities listed there too. These are:

  1. Forest & Bird who are working to protect New Zealand's native plants, animals and breathtaking wild places, on land and in our oceans for future generations.  
  2. NZAVS (New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society) who are fighting to stop the practice of animal experimentation.  Approximately 300,000 animals are used for research, testing and teaching every year in NZ. Around 90,000 of these are killed during or after experiments. 

So when you shop at Oasis, you can shop with a clear conscience and know you’re helping animal causes at the same time.

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