The Glamour Squad

Oasis Beauty New Zealand LtdGet your glam on and become part of our exclusive Glamour Squad!

Okay, we’ll level with you – you can join without getting glammed up, there is no photo required. So if you’re slouching on the couch in your pyjamas on a Sunday morning you can still earn Glamour Points in our exclusive squad.

The Glamour Squad is simple. Every time you buy one of our brilliant skin care products you earn points. These points give you rewards like discount vouchers and free gifts. For example, 600 Glamour Points will give you a $10 discount voucher. And, unlike some loyalty programmes where you have to spend the equivalent of a year’s salary to get a free toaster, points build up quickly. 

Here are some ways you can earn Glamour Points:

  • Shop with Oasis Beauty online and get 1 Glamour Point for every $1 you spend
  • Like us on Facebook and get 50 Glamour Points
  • Share our page on Facebook and get 100 Glamour Points
  • Follow us on Instagram and get 70 Glamour Points
  • Follow us on Twitter and get 30 Glamour Points
  • Sign up to our monthly newsletter and get 150 Glamour Points
  • Leave a review on our website and get 100 Glamour Points
  • Leave a review with pictures or videos and get 180 Glamour Points
  • Refer a friend to the Glamour Squad and get 350 Glamour Points
  • And on your birthday we’ll give you 300 Glamour Points because we like to make people happy!

As you earn more Glamour Points you also move up the three levels of the Glamour Squad – Silver, Gold and Elite. We love all our Glamour Squad members and with each level come little extras – from extra discounts to special gifts and samples of new products when they’re launched.

So join other savvy skin care shoppers and get signed up to the Glamour Squad. It’s completely free and you get rewarded for shopping – and who doesn’t love that?

How To Join The Glamour Squad

Simply create an account  on our website (or sign in if you already have one). Be sure to sign in whenever you make a purchase in order to receive your points! (Sorry, we can't offer points for purchases made if you checkout as a guest.

Your point balance will be accessible on your My Account page.

To redeem points, sign in and go to the My Account page. Once there, redeem points by clicking on the spend my points button.

You do need to buy something or spend something every 12 months to keep your membership active. If your account has not been active for 12 months (i.e no earning or spending of points), then your points balance will be set back to zero and your tier level downgraded. Make sure you spend and earn points within 12 months to retain your balance and tier status. 

The Three Tiers

Silver: 0 Glamour Points earned in the last 365 days

Gold: 400 Glamour Points earned in the last 365 days

Elite: 1200 Glamour Points earned in the last 365 days

You can read the full terms and conditions of the Glamour Squad here