Rhino Face & Body Bundle

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Rhino Repair Facial Cleanser 150ml

Rhino Repair Body Wash 400ml

Rhino Repair® Powerful Soothing Facial Cleanser and Rhino Repair® Powerful Soothing Body Wash both contain 12 Natural Active ingredients to gently cleanse sensitive skin. 

Chamomile, Aloe Vera and a mixture of Manuka Honey and NZ Propolis provide a soothing and healing action.

Lavender and Neem oil extracts are included for their rich antibacterial properties to calm, soothe and repair skin inflammations, blemishes, spots and breakouts.

Rosemary for its widely researched anti-inflammatory properties, helps to reduce swelling and puffiness and heal burns.

Vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant, Rosehip for its healing properties, helps to calm rosacea and psoriasis, Calendula help to relieve itchiness, inflammation and dryness,

Echinacea goes straight to work to help heal burns, relieve itchiness and infections and is great at soothing effects of Eczema.

Castor for anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties