About Us

What does the word 'Oasis' mean to you? 

Oasis is our backyard in the South Island, where the sky is big and blue and where we work, live and play. It's here that we create natural skin and sun care products to protect us in this pristine environment that has the strongest sunlight in the world. The Oasis team are a high-spirited mix of girls and guys who all love animals and are passionate about the products we make. Our genuine Southern hospitality puts you, our customer, at the heart of every decision we make. And supporting animal charities is how we give back from what you give us.  Have you discovered your Oasis yet? 

Did we mention we love animals? That's why we have many rescued and re-homed animals living at Oasis Cottage which is just 6km down the road from Oasis HQ. Because we love animals, Oasis products are cruelty-free and we support these animal charities.

  1. World Animal Protection for the work they do to protect animals that need human intervention
  2. SAFE for the work they do in New Zealand to oppose factory farming
  3. Hedgehog Rescue New Zealand which is a small non-profit run by two dedicated hedgehog lovers
  4. Oxford Bird Rescue who dedicate themselves to the rehabilitation and release of all types of birds.

If you are looking for skin care products that can make a real difference to your sensitive skin and the lives of animals around the world and in your backyard, then Oasis Beauty New Zealand is for you.

We hope you have fun browsing our range of skin care products because there’s something for everyone and all skin types. If you need help, just click the Live Chat button to the bottom right of your screen or email We're a helpful and friendly bunch!

Meet the Oasis 'Girls'


Hi, I'm Steph. I'm the crazy girl who started making skin care products for my own sensitive skin when I turned 30. It turned out that I was good at it and found there are lots of people that have sensitive skin like me. I'm now almost 48 and my skin has never looked better.

Besides running Oasis, my other passions are animals and gardening. We have lots of rescue animals at Oasis Cottage. I love them all, even the chooks who keep digging up my garden when I'm not around!


Hi, I'm Sarah. I'm 30 and a mum to three little monkeys who keep me pretty busy! I've lived in Oxford for four years and absolutely love it now I've gotten used to shopping online! I am a complete girly girl, I love doing DIY on old furniture to give it a new lease on life and cannot resist anything pink or pretty.

I'm the Customer Consultant at Oasis Beauty which means you are most likely to speak to me when you phone us. I'm also Style Guru so everybody asks me for style advice which is great


Hey, I'm Melissa. I've just turned 26 and live down the road from Oasis Beauty in Oxford. In fact, it's so close that I walk to work most days.

I am the Marketing Manager for Oasis and I absolutely love my job! It's really busy and challenging. I've just moved into my first home that we relocated from Christchurch so I'm super busy designing the garden and house interior to be the way I want it.


Hi, I'm Tony, the Oasis Sales Dude! I'm proud to be an Oasis Girl even though I am a dude. I'm based in Tauranga which is a long way from Oasis Head Cottage. That's OK though, because being by the ocean, I get to go out on my boat and (not) catch fish. I love animals (even fish).

I used to be a DJ in a previous life and now take my music with me as I travel around the North Island taking care of our brilliant Oasis retailers.


Hi, I'm Tom the Pig. No one really knows what I do at Oasis Beauty and I like to keep it that way.

My skin care regime is rolling in mud but I do use Oasis Sun SPF30 when I'm out and about and Rhino Repair to keep my skin in good condition. My primary focus is getting treats of a food variety. You can see what I get up to here.


Hi, I’m Joe the Oasis Warehouse Dude! I pack and organise your orders and ship them to you. It’s awesome knowing our products are being sent all over our beautiful New Zealand and the world.

If I’m not at work, you can find me at the rugby club or out on the cricket pitch. I love my sports, our lovely small town of Oxford and being in a wonderful workplace.


Hi I'm Ian. I've been involved with Oasis Beauty on a part time basis over the last 15 years. In June I became a full time "Oasis Girl" and am doing my best to own that title. I'll be getting involved in various things including customer service, sales, special projects and drinking coffee. Outside of work it's all about dirt bikes and craft beer - though not at the same time.


Hi, I'm Mehrts. I take care of maintenance and build chicken houses, bird boxes and pig palaces at Oasis Head Cottage. I'm a bit camera shy and that's why I look like Darth Vader (or The Stig) in my picture. I like a laugh and to play guitar or darts occasionally. With me officially on board the Oasis Guys now outnumber the Oasis Girls. 


Hi, I’m Di. I’m the one on the left in this photo. I take care of merchandising in the East Auckland area. I’m also proud to be the inspiration behind Rhino Repair, it’s a long story but the basics are that it was my arm that had turned into a Rhino hide and Steph came up with a cream to repair it. When I’m not dusting shelves in store I’m looking after Brian my husband and Katy the parrot. One of them is a lot easier to look after than the other, I’ll leave you to work out which.


Hi, I'm Sarah. As you can see I love animals just like the rest of the Oasis team! Not so sure that the lambs loving my hug though. I love cooking with my family using fresh veggies from our own garden. I can't take all the credit - my husband did a lot of the hard work.

I am the new territory manager in Auckland and am super excited to be a part of the 'Oasis Girls' team. Even though I've been working in retail for over 20 years I still enjoy meeting people in stores.